Phoenix Effect

Adventure Log: The journey so far
The journey of Three heros

Three adventures Iorek Byrnison, Antonious Verlac and Mathias were gathered together by an angel in the small town of Black Water to do a simple escort job along the Imperial high way.

There chargers are the crown prince Zander Caststeel who seems to be stuck up and his squire a humble boy Loki West.
It seems to all start of well apart from being unable to find out the truth in the claims to indefitiy. They have a few encounters on they way until the first night when one of our heros is called away by a mysterious goddess a gang of doppler gangers attacked there target the squire.
after talking to Loki and over hearing there conversation after the battle our heros discover they knew each other before Loki’s apprenticship and they are travling to Lithium because the king has been unexpectedly assasinated.

As there journey carries on thanks to a tip off from Mathias’s master Nightshade they find out that Loki West doesn’t actually exist meaning Loki is not who he says he is. Meanwhile the attacks keep happening even going so far as an assassination attempt.

They finally get the truth out of them to find they are half brother, one the off spring of Antonious’s sister and brother in law the king while the other was an illegitimate child of the king.
After making a deal with goddesses Myu and Mya and speaking to Loki Antonious discovers that 10 years ago they both lived in the palace together until the man in Loki mind that Antonious recongises as his father who currently possesed by creassus abducting the boys but thanks to quick thinking on Zander’s part saves Loki.
Zander reappears 2 weeks later and that was when both boys were sent away.

During this Zander appraches Iorek and asks him to protect Loki as he feels Loki is not safe with him and that he may be running out of time. Zander also relieves that this will be his last act as a prince to get Loki to Lithium as it is he who by the will of their father is to take the throne not him.

during there time in the dessert Antonious’s magic proves useful to stop a huge Bihir that decends upon them only to find themselves falling through the ground to a pissed off sphinx cuasing them to all take shealter behind Iorek. Mathais makes short work of the sphiinx when being the only one to make the dive to safety he then precesseds to jump down for a ride to finish it off.from above.

They finally get to just outside Lithium but still with out the answer to there question who should be on the throne and what they are each to do about their own personal quest.

Just as they stop to try figure it out and ask for help from the goddesses times runs out for Zander and creasuss fully takes over. After saving Loki Antonious makes a deal to protect himself to stop creassus jumping to him next.

Iorek steps up and getting through to Zander with his claws give Zander the death of a warrior that earns him a place with the Talri protecting his soul from creasuss.

Antonious, Iorek and Mathias find out the king arranged his own assassination to put Loki on the throne by divine decree and Zander’s last wish.

The three stay taking up posts to aid Loki.

It has now been 3 years, Dante West came from the north to fill in as regent for his Nephew his sister having been Loki’s mother while Antonious, now a father to a two almost 3 year old Myu took the role as adviscer.
Iorek became captain of the guard and as Loki’s personal guard while rumours circulate about his supposive future ascent to god hood.
Mathais now a full ninja recieved his Ninja name of Broken Blade becoming Loki’s protection in the shadows.

If asked about there journey from Black Water to Lithium they would only say that it was a journey of truths that would never be told, battles that were fought and over come and Zanders sacrifies to put a good king and a good brother on the throne. He was loyal to the last.

Now three years on in honour of Zander that road was renamed Zander’s Gambit and now with the 18th birthday of Loki Caststeel and the coronation the day after just a week away, what will happen to Phoenix next?


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