Eleanor Gambit

I'm a lady not a damsel, you will remember.


Eleanor Gambit is the youngest and only daughter of four from the Gambit bloodline.
Eleanor was raised both the jewel of the Gambit family and a person with high expectations thrust upon them as her future match could be the thing that either saves or breaks the Gambit family.

Eleanor life however though filled with high standards was always tempted back to normalcy and enjoyment by her youngest older brother Dorian and the guardian in training and source of feelings she can not admit Reeve.

Watching there training both highs and lows and watching there constant prank war and need to out do the other always made her smile.
Both boys have a special place in her heart but she is not above reminding them she is no damsel in distress as much as family have tried to keep her the image of innocents and naive to the world.

With Reeve away while family hope Eleanor will become a lady ready to make a smart match both her and Dorian know fake or not, if she crys run!

Eleanor Gambit

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