Abigail is the goddess of of hatred, torture and sadistic.
The symbol of Abigail is said to be the chains that legend says held her on her death.
The legend of Abigail is that once upon a time she was the daughter of a once highly noted scholar, she received the best of everything and had everything her heart could ever want but after a fight with her father she stormed out and never came back.

she survived on the streets where she was forced to kill to protect herself. she became apart of a guild and became the most wanted assassin in the global but it didn’t last. after being framed she was betrayed, tortured and forced to torture and break others while she laughed.

It is said that during her time with her unknown captures her hatred grew and as her death sentence was carried out she held on to it and it grew with everyone of her 1000 cuts.

it is said when they came to the final part of the ritual to kill her which was to burn her it is said that when the fire encased her body that they saw the chains that held here melt and she herself stood in the flames no longer burning before she vanished.

not long into her god hood after Foth ascension to god hood that occurred after her own that for unknown reasons Abigail attack the library of Foth only to be destroyed but through the cycle of rebirth she has Arisen again in the heavens.


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