Aroyin is the Eleven God of Nature
The symbol of Aroyin is what the eleven people suspected him to be a star.
The legend of Aroyin is that Aroyin was a star that fell and landed in the desert that was the elves home. The desert environment made there lives hard and full of death but when Aroyin crashed to the ground the convenient burst in to life becoming full of life and able to maintain life.

The elves grateful helped Aroyin took him in to there homes and praised him.

Aroyin became their god and he got to know the people he protected. Aroying had crashed down to them looking like a child and they protected him so he felt he needed to protect and provide for them when he got older.

As Aroyin aged he came to have his own family, a wife and son and when it was time and his son was full grown his son was happy to become his vessel when he had to be on phoenix. this cycle carried on Aroyin ascended to his place in god hood when he needed to come back to phoenix his own line were willing hosts for him.


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