Auron is the god of the watch and knights but meaning knights in the sense of someone that protects others.
Auron is symbolised by a Kantana

Auron was once the second born son of the king. He trained from a young age along side his brothers and they both became both excellent fighters and men of honour.
When his brother was crowned king he happily served him until one day when the brothers left the palace to be with each other away from politics and arranged marriages they were attacked.
After a long struggle were all four of them fought with honour against the opponents that out numbered them two of them were killed, the king and the youngest.

Auron made a vow to his dieing brother he would find away from stop others from feeling this pain. Upon there return to the palace they reported the news and after a time of mourning it was Auron who was due to ascend the throne but he advocated in favour of his brother.

Auron left the palace and travelled the world fight with honour and protecting others as a knight of the people until many years later when the journeying was getting a bit to much for him to carry he turned to teaching.

he set up a group that later became known as guardians. He trained them in both mind body and magic and then sent them off to the people.

The guardians he trained quickly came to have a reputation of good honourable men that always won there fight form the people. Nobles sort them out making them protectors of there families and as time when on these guardians became apart of the noble families house hold as both protector and representative. They could do what the family could not. they acted as the police in the nobles lands and outside of them the decision of what to do in situations as they travelled being left up to them.

Many years later Auron teachings still stand and many nobles families still have guardians that follow the roles of all. There is never more then Two guardians a master and an apprentice. It is considered to have any more is to present your family as a target, a challenge to be conquered.

When Auron finally pasted from Phoenix he came to the Talri and then in time ascended to god hood where he watches after his students even today. Auron watches his students to see that they stay on the path he set out for them if not he handles it personally.


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