Demira and Necros

Demira is the goddess of Life and Re-Birth. Demira is symbolized by a pair of wings.
Necros who is often depicted with Demira is represented by a synth which seems appropriate as he is the god of Death.

The legend of Demira and Necros is that a long time ago they were both born in the north in the world where vampires now live.
When they first layed eyes on each other was when Necros who was born when the world was created came to take away Demira’s father. Necros had always walked invisible to the rest of the world till that day.
Demira saw him and she wasn’t afraid, Demira begged for her father’s life. Necros relented as he found as he heard her plead he could deniene her nothing.

He Left with out delivering death to her father. It was many years later when they ran into each other again. This time it was at a ball in Demira’s late teens. They sort each other out as if they had known for the last throusend years that the other would be there waiting.
After that night they met often at parties and social gathering for many years.

During these times even as Demira grew into a beautiful young lady they were filled with real joy and as the years past they spoke of more serious things. Necros told Demira everything including his secrets and she accepted him for everyone.

After years of meeting it finally happened there fascination with each other lead to a passionate night between the god of Death and the mortal human.
Now as u can imagine no one knew what would happen if the living came together with such a person the controller of death and an immortal. But after finding what there night had brought they decided they would face it together.

There child was the light of there life, a being that was immortal and sustained there life on blood.This child became known as the first vampire, a being trapped between life and death.
During this time together they had many children and they were happy. It was only later that they learned that they had not been as cautious as they should have been. During Necros’s many brief ventures from home one of there children desperate for blood attacked Demira.
Necros returned to find Demira the victim of a venom that was unknowingly in there children’s fangs, a venom Necros used in his own to take lives.
As he held Demira corpse in his arms he begged to anyone who would listen to save her life. For what seemed like hours his calls went unanswered until the previous goddess of life and rebirth appeared before him.
The goddess had watched them for many years and had seen the new unique lives they had made. She gave up her own life to save Demira’s who was to take her place with a warning.
You both now stand as opposites to each other and yet you have brought them together, it will be your job to control what you made.

With that Demira and Necros were brought back together and it is said the to combined there powers and became vampires themselves so they could stay together for eternally with there children. These children went on to have there own children some by turning mortals as had almost happened to Demira had her son stopped taking her life, some found other vampires that could carry on there line but these were few and far between.

It is said to limit how far the vampires could spread they took them to an island in the north that they covered in shadows to protect them vampires. Legend says they ruled the vampires for many years but it is unknown what happened. Some say Demira and Necros passed from this world together others say that they still wait in the shadows assisting young vampires. But the truth is not meant to be known or is it?

Demira and Necros

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