Foth the god of Knowledge and history.
The symbol of Foth is a staff and “book” he is depicted with in many drawings.
Foth was in life a scholar who scoped the land for knowledge. He became globally renowned for his knowledge and his library that he created to house this gathered knowledge. His library became infamous and Foth himself became the most consulted for knowledge. this took over his life at the price of everything else even his family.

The knowledge caused Foth to ascend to god hood where a cult of followers devoted themselves some keeping his knowledge others to protect and keep it secret.

It is said in legend that a long time ago not long after Foth’s ascent to god hood that there was an attack on Foth’s Library by the goddess Abigail where many of his followers were killed.
It is said Foth came down the the Plain of Knowledge and using his weapon struck down Abigail. even though he knew Abigail would be reborn one day the threat to his people for now was gone. he instructed on of his assassins to take the weapon and hide it away where no one would find it.

It is said after that Foth vanished and was not seen again in his Godly form. Now rumors spread inside the walls of the library that has everyone looking to the highest seats of the order.

Foth following developed in to a cult based at his library that devoted themselves to gaining knowledge and also protecting cateragrising the knowledge. splitting it in to what they will allowed to know either in full or a censored version and what will never see the light of day. this has also meant that a more secret group has also developed with in the scholars of Foth that little is known about.

T he two groups they have formed in to are the scholars and the secret keepers (assassin’s of Foth)

These groups are ranked such:


Grand High Scholar
Grand Scholar
High Scholar
Grand Scribe
High Scribe
Seeker master
Seeker apprentice
Chronicler Master
Chronicler Apprentice
Master Records Keeper
Records Keeper
Apprentice Records keeper
Master Story Teller
Story Teller
Apprentice Story Teller

The Secret keepers

Grand High Master Assassin
Grand Master Assassin
Master Assassin


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