Izabel is the Goddess of the Hunt.
She is represented by the bow she wields.
Izabel was a master hunter. Izabel was born in the wilds at her parents hut who believed that Izabel should be raised as close to nature as possible.
During her childhood Izabel was taught about a circle of life that hunting when needed to survive allowed for the rebirth and continuation of life.
Izabel grew close to the animals and came to know that lands better then the best trackers in the wild.
When Izabel was older people came in to the wood and slaughtered animals and her parent who defended them for sport. She took her father bow and hunted them down.
For days she tracked them through her woods before she finally found them and when she did she shot them all with her bow before they could even breath.

She became the guardian of the woods and the animals that lived there only hunting when she she was in need but she soon release that wasn’t enough she couldn’t be everywhere she needed to be.

She went deep in to the forest after ancient magic. When she returned she came to hunters hunting her people again but this time she was ready. She fired her bow and the arrow and bright sliver hunter them down always making there mark. The last one high tailed it out of there and ran through the forest where he was set upon by a white wolf.
When the man was dead the wolf turned in to Izabel.

From that point any hunter who hunted in any woods around the global for sport was killed for there crime against nature.

Till one day a man entered the forest Izabel appeared and ready to release her arrow when she saw an animal set upon him with out provocation. Izabel loosed her arrow and killed the animal. She realized that in her protection the animals had began to abuse the trust she had placed in them and started to become violent.

Izabel guided the man to the edge of the forest in safety but that was not the last she saw of him. In fact as the years went by after that moment she did not only hunt humans that would hurt animals but the animals that hurt humans also and this man became important to her.

It was many years later that some of the animals that become angry they could no longer attack and not be harmed. The decided to force Izabel hand.
The next morning Izabel lover came again but when she found him he lay on the snow deading.

It is said that Izabel magic lay strongest in the snow and she did the only thing she could to save him, her lover vanished from history fate only known to Izabel.

Izabel tracked down the animals responsible for his death to find it was the god who she had sort for magic. after a long battle her arrows did not miss and with the aid of a wolf the old god was defeated.

Upon his defeat it is said Izabel took his place in godhood with her wolf as her every vigilant company .


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