Justica goddess of Justice and law also known as the lady of the scales.
Justica is therefore as the nickname indicates is symbolized by a pair of scales.
When the laws of the world of phoenix was set down Justica was one of the 5 key people involved in creating the laws and deciding the sentences that could be morally and legally allowed to be sentenced to an individual who breaks legal laws.
Justica was one of the first judges when the court of law system was developed.
Justica was called upon global when rulers of the land either did not wish to pass judgement, were not available or if the lord themselves were in questions as at that time lord were more closely connected so it was considered unmoral for them to pass judgement on each other.
he made many just decisions and came to be known as the lady of the scales. she balanced out a heavy hand to discouraged others with the ability to show mercy and give second chances. she also demonstrated the ability to keep an open mind.

When she past on she was called by a high calling to become the goddess of justice and law to past judgement on both the living and the dead. During her time as a goddess she came to the realization that by the times the souls came to her to have judgement past on them it was already to late to save them so she looked for aid.

During her time watching she found a just and honorable man who took responsibility for his actions, this was a man that was ot perfect but he tried to do the right thing even when it was unclear and he also understood mercy and second chances.

Upon his death she brought him to her side where he became Nicholas the God of debts and since the two have worked closely with one another enabling more souls to be saved then those who have to commended for there actions in both life and death.


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