Patrick is the god of pain and suffering.
Patrick is symbolized by a whip.

Patrick was a young lad that was tormented everyday from the time he was born by his worse fears and nightmares.
Till one day while hiding in his room from the nightmares afraid to fall asleep he was taken away from everything he had ever known by Ronald the god who had tormented him for years.

Patrick time with Ronald had basically become a blur in his memory but he remember the pain and suffering he endured.
When he got older he spent the time during his torture now having built up a tolerence to it scoping out a plan and finding a way to escape and turn the tide.

Hidden from Ronald Patrick made a deal with the previous god of pain and suffering which he turned on the god head taking his place.
He tortured and took the head a Ronald though knowing it wouldn’t be everything he needed to permanently destroy him. Patrick place a curse dooming Ronald to jump between vessels on Phoenix with the goal to one day permanently kill Ronald for good but until then he would feel the pain of all his vessels he went in and left and all the exorcisms he would experience.


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