Phestor is the god of fire and the forge.
Phestor is symbolised by a smith hammer in fire.

The legend of Phestor is that once upon a time the world was all dark with no light. It is said that Phestor brought the first fire to this world from an unknown source. He brought the fire to a forge in the heart of a mountain where the dwarfs dwelled and where many with the kindness of the dwarfs had sort shelter from the darkness and the cold. Phestor who was previously unknown came to live along side the dwarfs.

They distributed the flame as far and wide as they could but nothing like this received by either legal or non legal means comes with out a price.
Phestor started to have dreams of the fire and he left the mountain soon after and was not heard from again.

Legend speaks though that a few months after phestor’s departure from the mountain that the dwarfs woke one morning to find the body of a burnt man layed out next to the forge where it is said the first flame still burns brightly even to this day.


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