Siren is the goddess of the sea and water.
Siren is symbolized by waves.

Siren was once the wife of a sailor. She was newly married when her husband was called away to the sea. She waited for 5 years for him to return but he never did.
Siren decided to find her husband she took ship to follow him.
she was out at sea for over a year before she finally found his wreck.
upon seeing the wreck Siren feared the worse for her husband.
Her boat carried further a head till she was greeted with a sight that made her angry. In the next port she came to she saw her husband alive and well in the arms of another woman.

She screamed and consumed by her rage turned her ship round and headed back to the wreck of her husband.
It is said that she jumped into the water where she became one with it. She manifests to the sight of other in the sea and lures sailors and fishermen away from there boats.

Siren is preyed to and honored by fishermen since it is said that she is easily angry and when she is it will make the water either so rough there is no chance of life or make your course so unchartable there is no way back to land.


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