Tabitha is the goddess of the outcasts.
Tabitha is symbolised as a huge door in a stone wall.

The legend of Tabitha is that she was a being from a lone time ago that watched over a tribe that used to wonder the lands no accepted by anyone. When they used to go in to town or the outskirts of villagers her people were chased out, turned away sometimes even killed.
Tabitha saw the hardship of her people and lead them in to the woods hoping to find a place to call there own.

For many years they lived in peace they were able to raise there children and found a way to provide for themselves away from others but it was not to last. It was 30 years after Tabitha had brought them to this land they now called home when they came.
Hunters from the village came to weed out the different the people they considered strange and unnartural. As fair as the villagers were concerned these half human half beasts were the beasts that they orginally came from and there for should be hunted down before they attacked.
At first it was only hunters from the local villagers and they were handled but then more came from fair and wide. They came more often they were tougher they came in larger groups attacking when the tribe least expected it.

Until one day when the attack came it was like a war zone, there homes burned to the ground there tribe bodies lined the ground and children cryed out in terror.
Tabitha with her last breath fought again the attack as did everyone able to fight. When the day came Tabitha and a few other adults and children were the only ones left out of there tribe.

Tabitha packed up the tribe and they serched long again for a home to call there own. Till one day after many prays Tabitha’s prays were answered but at a price. Tabitha made a deal with the “devil” who gave them a place known only as Mirage Crypta.

It is said that when Tabitha lead her people there she died as soon as she crossed the freash hold to take her dealers place.

It is said that after the people arrived the doors in the mountain side were locked never to be found again and never to be escaped from. for it is said that the Mirage Crypta is a one way door.

None one has ever found the mystical place not even the dwarfs weather it is truth or legend it will never be known or will it only time will tell.


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