The Talri are a group of demi goddess that take dieing warriors that they deem worthy to be trained for the end of the world.

The Talri are symbolized by the glass vials that legends say they carry that enabled them to take away the souls of dieing warriors.

The Talri are said to all females who exist in there own plain which some train the warriors they collect while others travel to phoenix to gather more warriors.
the Talri are extremely secretive about who currently leads them in fact not even the warriors unless proven otherwise are said to know who is really in charge.

The Talri act like a screening determining if a person is worthy of their attention and if so where they will stand in the cosmic order, will a soul remain a warrior and become a Talvan or will they be set on the path to godhood like Fenis was.

The Talri are able to move unseen in the world of Phoenix if they choose to and so it is a rare sight indeed to see the taking of a soul since they prefer to take the soul in there vials so it is unseen and the body remians for the warriors family to grieve.

from time to time though legends have spoken of the Talri sending out there most trusted warriors back to the world of Phoenix to both act as their eyes but to also carry out special missions even though they are strictly not allowed to interfere with what happened until it is the end of the world. At which point it is said the Talvan and the Talri was arrive in a bright light on wings and will lay waste to there enemys with out remorse.


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