Terrax is the god of earth.

Terrax is symbolized by a stone.

Terrax was a feral child found by a group of hunters when out in the woods. The hunter took the child back to there village at the base of a mountain.

They trained Terrax in how to survive and they found him a home with a elderly lady on the edge of the village.
It was about a year after they took him in there was a storm, the lightning striked the mountain and some of the rocked crashed down towards the village. Just before it would crush the villages Terrax put his hands to the earth and it sprang forth and shielded the village.

Before the villagers realized what happened the elderly woman who had taken Terrax in grabbed him and took him away afraid of what the villager might do.

The woman who lived on the edge of the village protected the boy when the village came knocking for answers but soon realized she couldn’t protect him alone.

She called on one of the hunters that had found the boy and through the pass year had become attached to the boy and entrusted him with Terrax’s secret. The hunter understood and everyday he took the boy to practice to learn to control his gifts everyday and defended the boy.

After 10 years in exile from the village Terrax came back to the main village again now a fully grown man and in full control of his gifts.
He was accepted in the village until about 5 years after when the elderly lady died mysteriously.

The villagers turned on Terrax blaming him for her death. The hunter who believed the boy was innocent dragged Terrax into the woods to hide till nightfall. At nightfall the two made a dash for the mountain to use Terrax power to hide inside.

The villagers saw them and attacked. The hunter pushed Terrax into the mountain and as the opening closed Terrax could only watch the hunter be attacked from all sides.

Seeing the villagers strike at the hunter Terrax in an effort to save him reached out his power encasing the hunter in stone.

It is said that now both encased in stone they both still live sharing life with each other. it is also said to find Terrax you must look to the stone.


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