It the year 3000 and the planet is at the technological stage of medieval times.
In a world where there is a cycle of life and death that is tied to everything from the sentient being born to Phoenix, to the planet Phoenix herself and the gods themselves can they find a way to stop there inevitable destruction?
This is a world where the gods are known for being both over interfering while at the same time not enough. In a time where coalition in the heavens is required there is none to be found to stop the darkness that grows over the world.
The world of Phoenix has just entered a new era with the breaking of the year 3000 events have begun to unfold.

With the much loved king Jason Caststeel’s assassination at the turn of the century, the death of the crown Prince Zander, an illegitimate heir now destined for the throne and true noble politics being a back door affair, being part of the nobility is deadly.

With the division between the races and the continents becoming wider and only coming together in happenstance and for outward impressions and rumours running rampant across the world being of interest and in some cases a deadly game, a darkness seems to stalk all.

With back room politics, a division in the people, chaotic gods and a something dark creeping closer can our adventurers come together and survive Phoenix.

Phoenix Effect

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