Dorian Gambit

If it gets too boring i'll take up arms and follow.


Dorian is the second youngest child and youngest son of the Gambit family. Dorian was born with magic making him the first ever in the long Gambit line.
With the discovery of this talent he was sent to train along side the young guardian in training Reeve.
They both became close friends though even that has yet to stop the ongoing prank war which no one is sure how it even started any more.

Due to the lack of experience with magical children Dorian was never really understood by his parents and has become more the “disappointment” of the Gambit children with a more adventurous nature but due to this different and with Eleanor help has developed a way with noble politic and courtly mannerisms that his brothers have yet to discover a knack for.

Dorian as a rule with his adventures nature has always talked about leaving his home on Adressa to see the world and get out from under the repression he feels being the family “disappointment” especially since his mother’s passing. despite this though Dorian feels a strong connection to his family especially Eleanor but as time has gone on it has gotten to the point that unless there is a strong reason and a new understanding that can be reached between Dorian and his father they will loose him forever.

Dorian Gambit

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