Gambit Family

The Gambit family is made up in this generation of:

Lord Eric and Lady Erica Gambit who had 4 children. 3 boys and 1 girl. upon having her final child Erica Gambit health declined and passed away leaving Eric alone to raise there 4 children.

There oldest is Mathias who in his teens was scouted by a ninja master of the uncharted mountains and since then other then a few visits to home at his own choosing has disappeared in to thin air.

There second oldest is there son Adrian gifted with swords and the art of combat was upon coming of age charged with the Gambit family forces since Mathias has vanished in to thin air and his father getting on in years he has started to take up the responsibility that would normal be lord Gambit sole responsibility.

There youngest son and second youngest child was Dorian. Dorian was a unique child in the Gambit Family coming to posses magic that since there was no experience in the family was left to there family guardian to train along side his own pupil Reeve who he developed a close friendship with.
Dorian has always been the disappointment of the family and had a lack of understanding his gifts. This means unless family bonds between father and son can be restored at first chance Dorian will fly the nest. Dorian through his time has developed a key understanding in noble politics and courtly mannerisms that would some day see him as a keen ambassador some day.

The youngest child is there only daughter Eleanor. Being the only daughter and also after the death of her mother soon after her birth Eleanor was always doted on by her father but also was and is well aware of the responsibilities that she would prepare for her entire life, finding a suitable husband.

The Gambit family is hiding a terrible secret from the noble world while also trying to find there saviour in it. the Gambit family even though blessed with children are hanging on to there noble house by a thread due to both funds and there standing in other nobles eyes making it almost impossible to marry there children off to anyone who has not been allocated by other families entirely.

Gambit Family

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