Magic in this world is very dependence on the users handle on magic, the individual spells and the circumstance in which they are used.

Those who are inspired to do there magic such as Bards and Skald get there magic from what inspires them. This can also mean if they should lose there inspiration they will lose there magic until they find it a new.

Magic comes from the plains of the gods themselves. The god’s plains magic come from depends on the circumstance in which the spell is cast and is also dependence on the spell itself. An example of this would be healing a normal person the magic is likely to come from a god such as Fenis while if you were to heal and vampire the magic would be more likely to come from Necros’s plain.

People who are devoted to gods and get power from religious get there magic from there god. Even though they can cast spells that would fall into another god’s domain the further they get from there own god or those with similar alignment to there god they more difficult they will find the spell to cast.
This however can also prove there region though a great down fall, for if anything happened to the god there magic would cease to exist.


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